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A member of the G.L.M - Guild of Letting & Management and the Ombudsman for letting agents

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looking to take time off paying your mortgage?

Perhaps not yet ready to sell an inherited property?

looking to use your property to cover residential care fees?

Need a quality tenant for your hard earned investment property/properties?

Slades Estate Agency offer residential let and management packages to suit most circumstances and most pockets

We fully understand and embrace the value of hard work, customer care and good old fashioned integrity and support this ethos by employing relevant modern technology to get the job done and protect our client’s interests.

We work hard to form enduring relationships between Landlord and Tenant to ensure your let stands the greatest chance of running smoothly.

We focus on quality and not quantity lets which allows us to form a great rapport with both  Landlords and equally as important Tenants to give all parties the greatest chance of achieving a successful, painless let.

Our relationships stand the test of time as proven by the loyalty of our current portfolio of satisfied Landlords and Tenants.


From 7% plus vat (8.4% incl. vat) up to a maximum of 8% plus vat (9.6% incl. vat) of the yearly rent.
To be paid at point of tenancy start

Renewals (assuming agreement by both Landlord/s & tenant/s to a further let period.
Year 2. 1% plus vat discount from year 1 fee (1.20% incl.vat)
Year 3 onwards 2% plus vat discount from year 1 fee (2.40% incl.vat)

Additional fees
Property inspections - £75.00 plus vat = £90.00
To provide DPS (Deposit protection service) with copy paperwork - £50.00 plus vat = £60.00
To supply copy documents for a court application - £100.00 plus vat = £120
Court attendance - £50.00 plus vat per hour = £60.00 per hour. In the unfortunate event of Slades Estate Agency being required to attend court on a Landlord’s behalf in relation to such issues as tenant eviction or otherwise
Administration and liasing with refurbishment works over £500.00 - 10% plus vat = 12% of the works cost

TENANT INTRODUCTION WITH RENT COLLECTION (Agent responsible for collecting rent)
From 8% plus vat (9.6% incl.vat) up to a maximum of 9% plus vat (10.8% incl. vat) of the yearly rent
Fee to be taken monthly from monthly rent

Year 2 onwards. 1% plus vat discount from year 1 fee (1.20% incl.vat)

Additional fees
As with tenant introduction.

FULLY MANAGED (Agent to handle all aspects of day to day management of let property)
From 10% plus vat (12% incl.vat) to 12% plus vat (14.4% incl.vat) of the yearly rent
Fee to be taken monthly from monthly rent
Continuation of year 1 fee

Additional fees
2 free property inspections and if any more requested - £75.00 plus vat = £90.00 per inspection
Registration of tenant security deposit with ‘My Deposits’ held by agent in this Insurance backed deposit scheme (mandatory requirement) - £40.00 plus vat = £48.00
To supply copy documents for court attendance - £75.00 plus vat = £90.00
Court attendance - £50.00 plus vat per hour = £60.00 per hour as set out in the tenant introduction fees above.

Legionella Risk assessment - £85.00 plus vat = £102.00 (2 yearly requirement)
Yearly Landlords gas safety certificate – (Mandatory requirement) cost dependent on number of appliances to be tested but normally ranging from £58.00 plus vat = £69.60 up to £75.00 plus vat = £90.00
Fitting of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if missing to meet mandatory safeguarding requirements £25.00 plus vat for each detector = £30.00 including vat
Inventory preparation – Ranging from £85.00 plus vat = £102.00 up to £160.00 plus vat = £192.00
(Non mandatory but always highly recommended to reduce the chance of a deposit dispute at tenancy end)
Cost Dependent upon size of property and whether furnished or un-furnished with fees ranging from £85.00 plus vat = £102.00 up to £160.00 plus vat = £192.00
Energy Performance Certificate - £50.00 plus vat = £60.00 (valid for 10 years) Mandatory requirement.
Electrical inspection for certification and P.A.T (portable appliance) testing – Dependent on work required to bring to safeguarding level and also dependent on number of electrical appliances.
Please contact us for more information relating to Electrical testing & safeguarding. Non mandatory.

Holding deposit – Non refundable if tenant/s fail to meet minimum referencing requirements or change their mind - £250.00 otherwise, if successful, this money will partly go towards first months rent and partly to cover cost of inventory check out at end of tenancy term.
Reference fee per adult - £100.00 plus vat = £120.00 (over 18’s to be referenced)
Guarantor reference fee - £100.00 plus vat = £120.00
Admin fee - £120.00 inclusive of vat (£100.00 plus vat)
Tenant deposit registration - £41.67 plus vat = £50.00
Security deposit – From the equivalent of 4 weeks rent up to a maximum of 6 weeks equivalent rent. Example £800.00 per month rent = £800.00 based on 4 weeks and £1200.00 based on 6 weeks.
Tenancy renewal fee (per property) - £75.00 plus vat = £90.00
Rent arrears reminder, per letter required - £20.00 plus vat = £24.00
Missed inspection appointment - £40.00 plus vat – £48.00
The above is based on an appointment having been agreed between either the letting agent/Landlord and tenant/s and when tradesperson turns up to agreed appointment, said tradesperson cannot gain access as tenant has gone out and left no instruction to allow access via key
Change of tenant name or occupier - £120.00 plus vat = £144.00
If a tenant wishes to leave early and the remaining tenants wish to stay and arrange for a new tenant to take over the exiting tenant’s responsibilities, an administration charge to set up new paperwork is to be charged.
Amendments to tenancy required (tenant fault) £25.00 plus vat = £30.00
This will take place in such circumstances as perhaps a tenant wanting a change of move in date from date agreed.
Inventory ‘check out fee’ Taken from security deposit with balance of the £250.00 contributing to first months rent – Ranging from 85.00 plus vat = £102.00 up to a maximum of £160.00 plus vat = £192.00 which will be confirmed to a tenant at time of placing holding deposit.
The check out fee covers agreeing a check out date, arranging an appointment with an inventory clerk to attend so an inspection can take place to assess any wear & Tear allowable since tenancy start, plus any variance in condition that has taken place since the start of the tenancy that has not been reported as a fault during the tenancy term and to assess any remaining items left by the outgoing tenant that will need to be removed.
Please be aware that any of the above mentioned issues, may well form part of a deposit dispute that may be required to be settled via either the ‘D.P.S’ (deposit protection service) or ‘My Deposits’.

Slades Estate Agency is a member of the Property Ombudsman redress scheme for letting agents

Slades Estate Agency are registered members of the following money protection schemes.






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